What We Do

Carasmatic Voiceover Productions maintains a roster of the top Mexican Spanish, Latin American Spanish and North American Spanish voice talents for all of your voiceover projects, including explainer video, IVR, mobile apps, e-learning and much more.


One of the Hollywood’s premier boutique talent agencies, we specialize in native Spanish voiceovers for television commercials and internet as well as terrestrial radio spots. Our commercials can be heard on Univision, Spotify, Pandora, Telemundo, Rdio.


Our talent roster at Mexican Voices boasts a large selection of voiceover artists from all Spanish-speaking countries, and includes a wide selection of North American Spanish speakers as well as perfectly bilingual Spanish and English speakers with no accent in either language.


Experts in Video Versioning, we help our clients avoid common pitfalls such as too much text in the Spanish version or unnaturally fast voiceover speeds. We’ll take your project from translation through layback to video, quickly and correctly!


Whether it’s a powerpoint presentation or internal or company video, language-learning materials or mobile apps, our Spanish Voice Overs will make your project shine!


On Hold messages and custom voicemail are a great way of promoting your product or service. We’ll produce professional, bilingual voiceover recordings for all your telephony needs.


A voiceover recording is only as good as its script! We can translate your text into Spanish — properly localized for any target demographic — and record it right the first time, saving time and money.


Who We Are

With over 20 years in the business, we can translate your script and transform your original materials into a seamless and perfectly-localized Spanish version that speaks to your target audience. We'll work with you to avoid the common localization pitfalls -- such as too much text for your video or the wrong type of Spanish for your target demographic. Contact us today for a quick quote on a Spanish Voiceover Production!


Our Voices

Mexican Spanish Voice Samples

English with Latin American Spanish Accent

Latin American Spanish – MALE

Latin American Spanish – FEMALE

Check out our roster of European Spanish voices HERE.


Example Videos

Promotional Video in Spanish for Gene Simmons

Product Video in Spanish

Video Dubbing for Lockheed in Spanish

Marketing Video For Health Products